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. Say No to Breeds . by Diikae . Say No to Breeds . by Diikae
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• Stamp Template © =luckylooke
• Pirrip, Lucretius and art © *Diikae
• Carbon, Domeru and art © ~chibitrunks
• Thane and art © =arcadia-the-lich
• Bruoder and art © =fictionist
• Tear, Trybl and art © *KageTakaiDoragon
• Domeru art © ~stableblondy

Dislcaimer: The views of this stamp may be different than the views of the people who allowed me to use their art for it.

Had to do it. It was the last straw last night when I saw a certain new breed and thus, I made this. It's a little melodramatic, yes, but it gets my point across.

It probably needs to be said, before people get their hackles raised and teeth bared, this is nothing against the people who make breeds. I'm sure their intentions are pure, trying to contribute to the community, etc. So, again, nothing against them.

Use it/favorite it if you support the cause. Don't if you don't support the cause. Don't be mean to me, or anyone else about it. Except for *KageTakaiDoragon. She will take complaints, at the complainer's own risk, surely.

Edit: I added two more pictures and changed some of the words to make more sense.
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January 21, 2009
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