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Pony Exchange Tutorial by Diikae Pony Exchange Tutorial by Diikae

If you're wondering how this group works, and how to do everything, here you go!

Most importantly, however...

this is not a group for making people new characters!

It is actually for doing this and this and this sort of stuff again!

Rules Made Easy

1:// Make yourself some lineart. Whether it's old or new, doesn't matter, as long as it's something you're proud to show off with other people's designs in it. It can be stylized, realistic, chibi, whatever you want it to be. Slap a watermark or 5 on it and post it up in the 'blank lineart' folder.

2:// Send #Pony-Exchange a note including the character/s you would like to see in someone else's lineart, refs and all. These need to be in by the Sunday before the new week begins.

3:// When everyone's notes are in, I will put you all in a random generator and send out new notes, telling you who you'll be coloring for and what character/s they would like to see. Choose one, and hop to it. They are due, as well as your new note if you want to participate the next week, by the following Sunday. When your adoptable is completed, post it to the 'Completed Adoptable' folder, titled with your partner's screen-name, and what week we're on. For example: diikae - week 5. Don't worry, I'll tell you what the week is when I give out notes. c: I would recommend plopping these babies in your scraps so you don't annoy your watchers.

4:// If you see some problems arising, like an upcoming project, finals week, being grounded by parents or going on vacation...or anything that might get in the way of you finishing your part of the bargain, please don't sign up for that week. We will happily include you in the next week you are available!

5:// Advertise! Put the group icon on your front page or in your journals. It's more fun when there's tons of people to potentially trade with.
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February 19, 2011
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